When you hear the name 'Teuk McGraig' you'd sooner think off a singer/songwriter than a noisy rock trio from Holland. Nevertheless we're dealing with the latter. Still there's a songwriter in the band, Harm van Mil, who's guitar playing and songwriting is inspired by bands like Dinosaur jr., The Replacements and many other bands from the underground scene of the 80's and the late 90's. 


Drummer Hans Jacobs has a long history of playing in multiple ska, grunge and punk bands like 'Let's Quit', 'Supernatural' and 'The Hufters'. Bass player Jules van Hooijdonk draws his musical experience from mostly rock and hardcore. He used to play in 'Devil's Playground' and the legendary hardcore band 'Dogfight'.


The raw guitar playing, nasal J. Mascis like voice, sometimes heavy but accessible songs combined with the powerful rythmsection, form the typical 'Teuk McGraig' sound. The band plays original compositions only. The band members have had years of stage experience in different bands and that's obvious when your hear and see them play.